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The power of prayer: Science proves it works, has positive physiological effects

Within Christian circles, people often tell each other, “I’ll pray for you!” or ask, “What can I pray about for you?” But from the secular community, Christians often receive harsh criticism for placing faith in God and for trusting a supernatural healer to divinely intervene in personal matters like their health.

We are lambasted for praying for each other. But an undeniable truth has persisted from the beginning of time and certainly since the origination of the Judeo-Christian worldview. What’s this truth? It’s that prayer changes things. We can all point to scripture and to the personal experiences of either friends, family, or ourselves to attest to the power of prayer.

This got me thinking. Why would a significant portion of the population criticize Christians for praying when it seems to be so effective within the Christian community? I turned to scientific data to see what research has been conducted on prayer and health. Is there a correlation?

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